[mb-style] RFC: Style for compilation recordings

Johannes Weißl jargon at molb.org
Fri Jul 1 09:37:29 UTC 2011

Hello Michael,

On Fri, Jul 01, 2011 at 01:17:35AM -0500, Michael Wiencek wrote:
> The proposed RFC will modify the multiple titles style page[1] for
> recordings/release groups and replace it with this one:
> http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/User:Bitmap/Multiple_titles

Maybe you could make it more clear that this applies to recordings?

"if two songs share the same track, the title should be split as
"if two songs share the same track, the title of the recording should be
split as follows:"

Because if one of the tracks is hidden, we copy the track list as on
cover in NGS and only use MultipleTitles style for the recording, don't

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