[mb-style] RFC: Style for compilation recordings

Michael Wiencek mwtuea at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:30:08 UTC 2011

On Jul 1, 2011, at 5:58 AM, Frederic Da Vitoria wrote:

> 2011/7/1, Johannes Weißl <jargon at molb.org>:
>> Hello Frederic,
>> On Fri, Jul 01, 2011 at 12:19:30PM +0200, Frederic Da Vitoria wrote:
>>>> Track relationships and recording relationships are the same thing.
>>> Was this done deliberately? Now that I think of it, I guess the real
>>> meaning is that there aren't much ARs which would apply to tracks
>>> anymore...
>> If you understand "tracks" as members of a track list, they can't have
>> any ARs because they don't have a MBID in NGS anymore. All (or most?)
>> ARs have been moved from pre-NGS tracks to recordings.
> Ok, now I understand. Then the Compilation AR documentation should be
> changed to reflect this. But I guess this AR documentation isn't the
> only one with this issue :-)

Yes, if you look at http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Compilation_Relationship_Type
the reference to "Tracks" should be replaced with recordings, and the
guideline for using the "earliest released instance of that track"
should probably be removed (since identical recordings are merged now).
But that's for another proposal I guess. :-)

And I replaced "Compilation Relationship Type" with "Compilation
Relationships" on the proposal per your suggestion.


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