[mb-style] second RFC: add “slipcase” to packaging types

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Fri Jul 1 19:18:49 UTC 2011

This is a second RFC for adding the “Slipcase” to the list of packaging

Slipcases are commonly used to package several mediums together, as well
as occasionally for just a single medium (cassette singles are the most
common use of this)

I propose also adding a section[1] to the style guide within
Style/Release. This should cover the objections raised in the previous RFC:

When a release is contained within multiple packaging types, the
packaging type should be set to the innermost type which includes all
mediums within the release.
For example, a 2-disc set of two jewel cases within a slipcase should be
entered as “slipcase”, while a 2-disc set where both discs are in one
jewel case should be entered as “jewel case”.

—Alex Mauer “hawke”

1. http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/User:Hawke/Proposal:Packaging_Guidelines

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