[mb-style] Adding pirated download links to releases as "can be downloaded for free from..." relationships

Lauri Watts krazykiwi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 14:02:45 UTC 2011

Oh look, it's the bootlegs discussion again.

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 2:52 PM, Johannes Weißl <jargon at molb.org> wrote:
> Why do we even allow links to unauthorized material right now?

>> [...] There are two exceptions to this guideline:
>> 1. Bootleg recordings of concerts.
> Why not only for artists/labels which explicitly stated that they are
> fine with it?

It has to be rightsholders. Which are almost never the artists, and
may not even be the label who the artist is currently signed with.

Whether we like that law or not is totally irrelevant.

Just because a band doesn't care if people bootleg their concerts,
they very often do not have the legal right to explicitly approve it.
Very few artists signed to a label own these rights.

>> Derivative works such as mash-ups or unauthorized remixes [...]
> Why shouldn't we allow links to game soundtracks which seem to be
> tolerated or even allowed, but we clearly allow "unauthorized remixes"?

> Has there been some court decision that this is fine?

I highly doubt it. If there is one, I'd like to see it, and in what
jurisdiction it happened.

MB really can not afford to be linked to piracy.

Lauri Watts

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