[mb-style] RFC: Add date fields usage to the Performance AR guidelines

ChurruKa churruka at hangar18.cc
Mon Jul 11 20:33:23 UTC 2011

@murdos yes, "this is true" for all recordings, but is easier to know
performance dates for live tracks. I also this is useful, given a recording
artist/ac and the performance date it should be easy to get information
about the convert where it was performed. I'll talk about the case I'm most
familiar with: a website (last.fm etc) could parse the date+artist(s) from
the ACs and show info about the event (their event page for the event,
flickr images via their eventID using "lastfm:event=XXXX" machine tags, link
to setlist.fm to get the full setlist for the performance, etc). Other uses
could be showing a list of events when a particular work has been played and
recorded (via work->recording ARs), etc

There should be more useful usages, these are just the ones I can think
about at the moment.

Ideally the start/end date fields could be filled for any recording, but I
think the only cases when we can be sure about the dates is on live ones
(for studio recordings the dates would be only a guess, and I don't think
they would be as useful as on the live ones....)

2011/7/10 ChurruKa <churruka at hangar18.cc>

> This is a trivial RFC for changing the guidelines of the Recording<->Work
> performance AR so it encourages people to add the performance dates of live
> recordings when that information is available:
> http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Proposal:Live_Performance_Relationship_Dates
> I would like to hear your thoughts about it (especially about the "end
> date": using the same date as the start date seemed obvious to me, but maybe
> other people would like to keep it blank, "guess" if the performance started
> a little before midnight and ended at 0:01, etc).
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