[mb-style] RFC-326: Add Artist Type "Other"

Johannes Weißl jargon at molb.org
Tue Jul 12 02:15:12 UTC 2011

Hello Yin,

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 09:55:47PM -0400, Yin Izanami wrote:
> +1, but this needs guidelines / serious thought first.
> Gender:  I believe this should be allowed.  Some fictional characters may be
> a different gender than the voice actor/actress behind him/her.  It can only
> be helpful.
> Country:  If we allow this for "other" genders, there need to be guidelines
> on fictional characters.  Country the fictional character was created in/for
> is not always the same as the country the fictional character is from in the
> fictional world.  One or the other must be decided upon.  (I'd prefer the
> former.)
> Date period:  I'm not sure this should be allowed for fictional characters.
> Nothing bothers me more than going to Musicbrainz' "Ranka Lee" artist page
> and seeing "Born:  2044 (-32 years ago)".

Note: the "Other" type is not only meant for fictitious characters, but
for *every* artist where "Person" or "Group" doesn't fit. This can be
special purpose artists ([unknown]), companies (Nintendo) or fictitious
characters that are clearly not persons or groups (e.g. an animal).

If a fictitious character has a gender and/or a birth place / country,
maybe it is best to set the artist type "Person"? E.g. "Eric Cartman"
is marked as a person. I think nowhere in the guidelines it is stated
that persons must be real and not fictitious.

This artist [1] e.g. is an animation production company, which has both
a Country and a Date period.

[1] http://musicbrainz.org/artist/a5bccffd-5abf-4a46-a6e2-4f23ffe1f5d0

For the "-32 years ago" problem, maybe it is best to file a ticket?


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