[mb-style] RFC-329: Removal of CDON.COM and AMG from What not to Link to

Johannes Weißl jargon at molb.org
Sat Jul 16 19:43:08 UTC 2011

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 12:27:25PM -0700, jacobbrett wrote:
> It looks as though to me (though this is just speculation) that an album
> page on AMG lists releases with identical recordings/mastering. There are 10
> editions in total of "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan", one of which has 9
> associated releases [1]. If true, then just link that edition page to the
> corresponding 9 MB releases.
> [1] http://allmusic.com/album/the-freewheelin-bob-dylan-r6411

Don't they have something similar to a release group? I see one entry is
marked as "Main Entry" (and I checked that other albums have that, too).
Wouldn't it be much easier and less error-prone to link from a Release
Group to this entry? It is fuzzy, but so would be the release-release

I would suggest:
AMG Artist              <-->   MB Artist
AMG Album  (Main Entry) <-->   MB Release Group
AMG Song                <-->   MB Work

relationships. I have already prepared an RFC for that, so if you agree
I will submit it.


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