[mb-style] RFC-327: Featured Artists

SwissChris swisschris at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 09:19:59 UTC 2011

There seem to be several unresolved questions here we should try to address

1. How does "as on cover" (on track/release level) *ideally* translate into
NGS structures?

For an album by artist Foo with a track Quux featuring artist Bar:
A) [track] Quux (feat. Bar) [Artist Credit] Foo (as we had pre-NGS) or
B) [track] Quux [Artist Credit] Foo feat. Bar (using the NGS multiple artist
feature, with the link phrase exactly "as on cover") ?

2. How should the featured artists *ideally* be treated on the (normalized)
recording level?

Assuming there is consensus that "feat."-information should not be part of
the title field at recording level:
A) [Artist Credit] Foo & Bar (as by default)
B) [Artist Credit] Foo feat. Bar (assuming "feat." has a specific different
meaning, not to be normalized to "&")

3. Do we want/need a delay on application of (part of) these *ideal* rules,
once agreed upon, because of the ws/1 issue?

4. Do any or all of the above rules apply only to the exact wording "feat."
(or featuring, features) or would it also affect (how?) other link terms (in
other languages) like "with", "en duo avec", "con"

The guideline should IMO reflect the "ideal" regulations, with a warning box
for not yet to be used features because of ws/1 compatibility issues, which
could be removed (without further debate) when it's no longer used.

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