[mb-style] RFC-327: Featured Artists

Andii Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Mon Jul 18 12:17:02 UTC 2011

On 18 July 2011 12:06, Kuno Woudt <kuno at frob.nl> wrote:
> Hello,
> On 18/07/11 12:14, Andii Hughes wrote:
>>> That's the whole point of starting with a (mostly) blank slate for
>>> parts which are largely new for NGS.  To not "impose new guidelines
>>> without going through the usual process".
>> And something has to hold while new guidelines are being prepared.  To say
>> these interim guidelines are anything other than the previously approved ones
>> is imposing new ones.
> If you think so, then so be it, we've imposed new guidelines.
> We've worked on the NGS guidelines for a year before the NGS release.  During
> that year we've had many discussions on how to deal with these new entities. At
> various points throughout the process we've asked for feedback and help,
> through this mailinglist and on irc.
> If you're unhappy with the approach we've chosen, it's a bit late too complain
> about it now, there was more than enough time to give us that feedback before
> the NGS release.

Right, you've lost me now.

There was a discussion of featured artists (which I took part in)
before NGS was released.
It never went to a vote:


which I presume means that the existing status quo is retained.

The only guideline available is:


and now you're trying to imply that this somehow doesn't apply in some cases.

Can you please point me to these other guidelines on featured artists
if the linked one
does not apply for track listings?  Certainly no-one seems to be aware
of them at present,
which is why there is all this confusion.

> -- kuno / warp.
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Andii :-)

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