[mb-style] RFC-327: Featured Artists

Kuno Woudt kuno at frob.nl
Tue Jul 19 09:01:07 UTC 2011


On 19/07/11 01:02, lorenz pressler wrote:
> these are some nice examples!
> 1. compilation where the artist is credited on every track, and if there
> is a feat. artist it's next to the main artist.

Obviously there are also examples out there where this is not the case,
like track 2 here:


And you can count on the japanese to go completely nuts (large image again):


track 5:

Track title:    LAST CHANCE
Artist credit:  GTS feat. BABY M

track 10:

Track title:    Happy Birthday feat. -DJ K.Ando & Overhead Champion- <CLUB MIX>
Artist credit:  ゆまち&愛奈

There are a few more "feat." in the tracklist, not just the two examples
I mention in this post.  "feat." occurs twice in the track field on that
track list, and four times in artist fields.

While looking for an edge case like this, I have to admit that it surprised me
how often the "feat." credit is in the artist field, I have looked at about
three or four releases where I thought the feat. credit was in the track title
but it turned out to be in the artist field on the physical release.

-- kuno / warp.

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