[mb-style] pre-RFC: CSG for works, part I: titled works

Brant Gibbard bgibbard at ca.inter.net
Wed Jul 20 15:11:55 UTC 2011

> My main point is that we should not make mb-specific 
> movements/parts.  
> There will be issues regarding interpretation, but hopefully 
> a modern score will be reasonably clear. We must look more 
> into details on opera, I'd like to avoid a separate 
> opera-style this time. Had a very quick look at a Mozart 
> score online, & I'm guessing scenes will be the smallest 
> works? http://dme.mozarteum.at/nma/

I don't really see how you can avoid the need to have works for specific
arias, particularly the famous ones performed the most often. I am quite
certain that the vast majority of opera-related CDs in peoples' hands are
not complete operas, but recitals by particular singers of individual
"greatest hits" arias. Most people will have no idea what act or scene the
aria is from, and will not care. If you don't create works for these arias,
they will inevitably be re-created over and over again as people add these
recordings. They will inevitably be a little fuzzy in their definition as
well, as many of these recordings will contain some introductory material
leading up to it as well as the aria proper, while others won't, and most
users will not know or care about those differences unless they are
extremely familiar with the work.

Brant Gibbard
Toronto, ON

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