[mb-style] pre-RFC: CSG for works, part I: titled works

symphonick symphonick at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 17:12:30 UTC 2011

On Wed, 20 Jul 2011 18:41:38 +0200, David Gasaway <dave at gasaway.org> wrote:

>>> Song, K. 147 "Wie unglücklich bin ich nit"
>> A big showstopper for me. (and you're correct, it was not accepted; it's
>>  from some of the unofficial CSG-standard pages).
>> We have work attributes now, let's use those to group works in the UI.
>> Just set type to "song". (we need to nag about an UI improvement)
> I take it you're dead set against it.  Could you explain a little?  As
> I tried to say, for me it's not just about how they appear in the
> MusicBrainz UI.  Sure, it wouldn't be all that hard to tweak the
> server to incorporate the work type, but it's a whole lot harder to
> make use of that from my file tags and all the different music
> hardware/software I use.  But in the end, I can manage either way.
Well, to me it makes as much sense as: Song, "Purple Haze" - I just don't  
understand why you'd want this?
(But I would like a better search, with separate fields for composer, work  
attribute (worktype) and so on)


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