[mb-style] Recording/track distinctions

Frederic Da Vitoria davitofrg at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 11:14:03 UTC 2011

I'm going to need a little more info :-)

2011/7/21, Lukáš Lalinský <lalinsky at gmail.com>:
> On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:01 AM, Frederic Da Vitoria
> <davitofrg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Could you give actual examples of your issues? I find it difficult to
>> understand what you think is wrong.
> 1. http://musicbrainz.org/recording/1b7be9fe-fbeb-4941-b1f7-7eaf9fa9f99e
> -- Different languages. Let's say I have the 1981 US release, I do not
> want "Les Chants magnétiques, Part 1" in my tags, but I do not want
> "Magnetic Fields Pt. 1" either (or whatever the cover says).

Then what do you want?

> 2. http://musicbrainz.org/recording/c59cbf07-eab6-46e3-a68c-ffaebef21f2c
> http://musicbrainz.org/recording/6f7e213c-81cb-419d-9cfd-6912b74620a2
> -- These are really the same recordings, but the remixes are named
> slightly differently on different releases. I do not want to lose the
> different naming.

What is actually printed on each release?

> 3. http://musicbrainz.org/recording/3d953e11-c417-4034-a5d1-d0f41405337e
> -- Disambiguation information like "(live)" shouldn't really be part
> of the recording title, because it's inconsistent with live releases
> that usually do not explicitly mention that. On the other hand, it
> should be in the track title if the release explicitly says so. I do
> not know of a recording that is from a live release and later included
> on a complication/album, but I'm sure many of them exist, I just don't
> listen much to music that can actually be performed live.

I don't understand your argument here. A recording does not belong to
a release, it happens to be part of a release, which is a completely
different thing. So I don't see how you can avoid putting some
disambiguation information on the recording (in the title or in the

> 4. http://musicbrainz.org/recording/d1623f2f-e59f-478d-988a-48bfa14a2100
> http://musicbrainz.org/recording/3b6fa084-0863-4791-8c3e-f4abf549afa7
> -- Same recording, but has "original mix" included on the single
> release.

Are these the same master (indistinguishable by ear) or do they sound different?

Frederic Da Vitoria

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