[mb-style] Pre-RFC: CSG - work types

Stephen tungolcraeft at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 15:05:00 UTC 2011

> More generally, I'm starting to wonder if we should not request
> Advanced Attributes. These would work like Advanced Relationships but
> instead of linking 2 items, they would be linked to only one item. We
> could categorize AAs just like we do with ARs, create new ones, add
> AAs to elements which need them, all this without requiring a schema
> modification. For example, in this case, we'd need a musical form and
> an instrumental form. Catalog numbers could be implemented as AAs, and
> we could link them to classical works without creating a field which
> would remain empty in all non-classical works.

Piping in to say that I can think of uses for this in pop music as well.


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