[mb-style] RFC-327: Featured Artists

Paul C. Bryan pbryan at anode.ca
Sat Jul 23 19:32:59 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-07-23 at 03:06 -0700, Ryan Torchia wrote:

> When thinking about the issue with where to put "featured" artists on
> recordings and tracks, I thought of something that might be
> ridiculously stupid: Maybe recordings shouldn't have artists at all?
> Or to put it less radically: what if what we currently label as artist
> in Releases and Recordings was converted a Performance AR for
> Recordings, with "primary" as one of the options?  We'd basically
> enter it the same way we currently do, only it'd automatically be
> converted into a primary credit (as would current recordings). If you
> think about the three structures we currently have: Works don't have
> an artist because all the involved parties are broken down into
> objective, descriptive roles via ARs.  Releases cram all the absolute
> essential information into Artists and Titles (and maybe Release
> Title), because every mp3 player expects it, and because most releases
> are structured that way.  Recordings really don't need to contain an
> Artist field; they can focus on descriptive roles, which can be used
> to dynamically create Artist fields based on user preference.  This
> might also solve some of the Classical issues, if users were allowed
> to choose whether the Artist field was populated from the primary
> performer on the Recording or the composer of the Work, or some
> combination.  (Obviously there's still a lot to figure out here, but
> I'm just brainstorming.)

+1. I’d support an RFC/RFV to remove ACs from recording.

Since there’s no “legacy” on NGS per se (other than /ws/1), I would
project technically it would be straightforward to drop ACs and just use
ARs. I don't see how switching to a " feat. " link phrase will make the
transition any easier, as there is a huge volume of "(feat. …)" ETI in
place already that needs to be either manually or automatically


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