[mb-style] Abuse of DJ mix ARs

Andii Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Fri Jul 29 23:20:18 UTC 2011

See http://musicbrainz.org/edit/14910012

It seems there has been a tendency to use a DJ mix AR on tracks which
are not actually mixes in themselves, but form part of a mix when
combined with an entire CD of material.
This is in addition to or instead of a credit at release level.

In terms of the DJ mix as a entity in these cases, it is the
combination of the tracks as a whole not a single track.  The process
of creating such things is to create the mix
and then provide track splitting to aid navigation on CDs.  If you
look at the digital version of mixes released on CD, they are provided
as single tracks.  For example,
disc 1 of http://musicbrainz.org/release/fbf9502b-b366-406c-89a7-08c3448e6fa8
is equivalent to track 67 of
(and so on for 2 and 68, 3 and 69), while tracks 1-66 on the latter
release are full length unmixed versions of the songs.

For me, I feel using the DJ mix AR on parts of a mix alters the
semantics of the AR and causes a confusion between this usage and the
existing usage where it indicates that the track
or release as a whole is a DJ mix. If this was to be done on every
track that's part of a DJ mix, the number of such ARs for some
prominent DJs would be ridiculous and make it difficult to
find the actual mixes, the list being a mixture of tracks that are
part of mixes and entire mixes.  This has already started to happen
with Judge Jules, who now has 20-40 ARs for tracks
which form part of just two mixes.

I can see why people want to designate that the track has been altered
in some way, but I believe we already have the 'later version' AR.
Perhaps this could be embellished with a
DJ mix attribute so you can say 'has a DJ mixed version' or similar. I
don't think we need to give the DJ mixer credit on every track (once
at release level would do, the whole
medium/release problem aside) but if that is deemed necessary, it
should really have a different AR so we can easily distinguish mixes
from tracks that are part of a mix.
Andii :-)

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