[mb-style] SoundCloud URL relationships

Simon Reinhardt simon.reinhardt at koeln.de
Mon Jun 13 13:23:52 UTC 2011


I was wondering which relationship types to use for relating artists and recordings to SoundCloud URLs (http://soundcloud.com/).
Nikki was so kind to query the existing usage of types for these URLs for me. :-)

  biography             |  1
  discography           | 11
  download for free     | 63
  fanpage               |  4
  myspace               |  1
  official homepage     | 15
  online community      | 47
  purchase for download |  3
  social network        | 43
  streaming music       | 72

  creative commons licensed download |  3
  download for free                  | 37
  streaming music                    | 46

As you can see it's rather messy for artists at the moment and I think it needs some form of standardising or at least cleaning up.

A bit about the site:
In their own words "SoundCloud is a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark."
Artists can create profiles where they can upload tracks. Apparently you can offer tracks only for streaming or also for downloading, and you can CC-licence them. It also has social network / online community aspects (followers, groups, comments (even within tracks), favourites, sending messages etc.).

So for artist-URL relationships all three of "social networking", "download music for free" and "stream for free" seem suitable (but I'd rather not see the class types "get the music" and "online communities" be used). Since the site is mainly about getting the music I would lean towards relationships from that class but on the other hand: an artist can offer all of their tracks for streaming only, all of them for downloading as well or some for streaming only and some for downloading as well. And we can't deny the social/community aspect.
For those reasons, do you think SoundCloud deserves an artist-URL relationship type of its own? And if so, which class would you put it under?

On to recordings:
All tracks that have been uploaded will always be available for streaming so as a general type that will always work. But if something's also available for download I'd rather want to see that used because being able to download music is better than just being able to stream it. And if something's offered under a CC licence I'd use the CC relationship type.
In my eyes it's quite clear what to use for recordings and we don't need a new type. What do you think?

Oh and: You can also create sets of tracks and I have seen them used as folders for albums - so maybe we'd want to relate set URLs to release groups in some cases?


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