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Sat Jan 13 23:23:04 UTC 2001

Hi everyone, I apologize for spamming across so many mailing lists...

I have the sad announcement to make that I was just laid off from
EMusic. As you know EMusic has been kind enough to sponsor the
development of FreeAmp, Obsequiuem and MusicBrainz. Unfortunately in the
current climate that exists for tech companies such as EMusic, the
company can't afford to sponsor these projects anylonger. I thank Brett
Thomas and Gene Hoffman of EMusic for their kind support of these
projects over the past two years. 

EMusic has agreed to continue hosting these projects on the current
server, so there are no immediate worries that these projects will

Personally, I am still very much dedicated to each of these projects and
I will work to find new sponsors so that these projects can continue on.
This brings me to the most important point of this e-mail:

I am looking for a new employer and I hope to find a company that is
interested in taking me in to allow me to continue working on these
projects. If you think that FreeAmp or MusicBrainz might be of value to
you or your company, please contact me. I've got a resume ready for
anyone who'd like to download a copy. In the future, please contact me
at rob at

Just for reference, the projects in question are:

Thank you for your time.

--ruaok         Freezerburn! All else is only icing. -- Soul Coughing

Robert Kaye -- robert at

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