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Kevin Marks kmarks at mac.com
Sat Mar 6 09:12:08 UTC 2004

On Mar 5, 2004, at 5:25 PM, ian c rogers wrote:
> With regards to the format, IMHO it's key that our playlist format be
> easily amenable to XSLT and XPATH, especially the imminently IETF
> recommended 2.0 versions of each.  i'm not an XMLpert, but it seems 
> that
> XHTML or RDF -- in contrast to XML+XSD -- might well require a
> "decoding" transformation to "straight" XML before that XML would be
> transformed to entrenched, legacy playlist formats e.g. M3U, SMIL, etc.
>  or a useful, new XML-dialect e.g. RSS, Atom, etc.
> Simply put, this new playlist format should be selected, IMHO, by it's
> ease of transformation using the most standards-based XML tools, namely
> XSLT and XPATH.  Thus, we should choose XML+XSD.

The point of the XOXO idea is that the format is valid as XHTML and XML.

It is a constrained subset of of XHTML, so it displays in a  browser, 
but is still pure XML.


Tantek Çelik & I spoke on this idea of using XHTML in a semantic way at 


Can I invite Tantek to this list - he is on several of the standards 
organisations & knows XHTML inside out.

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