[Playlist] Playlist and Metadata format specs

Robert Kaye rob at eorbit.net
Tue Mar 9 21:48:56 UTC 2004

On Monday, March 8, 2004, at 03:24  PM, Matthias Friedrich wrote:

> On Monday, 2004-03-08, ian c rogers wrote:
> [...]
>> I appreciate that you were trying to work out detailed requirements
>> first.  I like working with examples and there was call from Lucas 
>> that
>> echoed my feeling here, so we went ahead and kicked something out
>> there.  I actually think that by example is a great way to get to the
>> point faster.  Look at how quickly we surfaced many issues that we 
>> were
>> not yet addressing.  Lets address them one by one and find the best
>> solutions.
> With a lot of help by Rob (who is the expert, definitly not me), I
> created a simple playlist example:

Ha! Don't sell yourself short Matt!

> XML for syntax is definitly consensus.
> We heard arguments for XHTML but there's only one supporter so far.
> Then there's the choice between using XML as a data model vs. using XML
> as a serialization format for the RDF data model.

I vote for the latter -- I think we can come up with a tight XSD that 
will allow RDF heads to parse this data with RDF and folks that are 
worried about the footprint of the implementation to parse it with a  
standard XML parser.

Plus, this is the cleanest way for us to leverage all the exising RDF 
based vocabularies.

>> 6. We'd love to hear what are considered to be the best practices 
>> here.
>> Your criticism doesn't suggest any alternative.  How do you suggest we
>> handle non-standard items?
> If the playlist format is supposed to be used universally, we have to
> take care that it isn't augmented or "improved" by certain vendors.
> That's the root of all evil as you can see from all the problems HTML
> had when two companies defined their own tags.
> We have to decide if we want extensibility at all, and if, to what
> degree. I think we definitly need a single DTD or schema that covers
> *all* playlists. So custom defined tags aren't possible.
> In RDF, it's pretty simple for anyone to add statements about a
> resource. In XML you could use something like

I feel where you are coming from -- the HTML standard has been beat up 
too many times.

However, we need to plan for extensibility -- there is no question 
about it. A good idea (IMO) allows for uses that the original creator 
never thought of. This applies in this case here -- we cannot think of 
all possible applications/formats of the playlist. This would hinder 
the usefulness of this specification.

I think we should define a playlist namespace and then let users use 
this namespace in combination with other namespaces. If someone feels 
tempted to augment the pl namespace, they should do either:

1. Follow the accepted process for changing/augmenting the pl namespace 
(i.e. discuss it here)
2. Create a new namespace for their own purposes that supplements the 
pl namespace.

Note that these two approaches are not mutually exclusive. I could see 
someone doing #2 and then having the group adopt the change into the pl 

That's how its supposed to work, right? :-)


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