[Playlist] Decision time: XML, RDF or XHTML

Brown, Dave dabrown at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Mar 10 21:58:03 UTC 2004

Where is the MusicBrainz spec for it's <mm: >  tags? The URL:
 ends up going to :

which doesn't seem to have a document describing the available RDF tags like

Could someone point me to the appropriate doc?



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On Tuesday, March 9, 2004, at 09:09  PM, Kevin Marks wrote:
> Optionally, further metadata could be embedded, but like the Creative
> Commons licence, a single URL can unambiguously identify the work, 
> with additional metadata just there for offline use.
> XHTML was design to provide simple semantic structure to human 
> readable text.

I think portable playlists are foremost about creating an exchange 
format for computers, not humans. I think the use of XSLT as Matt 
showed is perfect for achieving human readability where necessary.

> 3. I don't want option 2, an RDF serialisation that is not natively
> displayable by anything except tools for the elite few. The key thing 
> holding back RDF is a parser that displays it in clear English.

We're talking about a serialization that can be read BY ALL XML 
parsers. And XML parsers are not the tools of the elite few.


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