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Brown, Dave dabrown at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Mar 16 17:09:06 UTC 2004

Do you have a listing of what the metadata is which isn't supported by us?
Some of them probably belong in an open namespace like Musicbrainz (creating
an 'itunes' namespace would only reinforce the notion of a closed music
player environment), and some of them probably are itunes-only data we don't

I would say all song-related metadata should be part of the musicbrainz
namespace in some way. All player-specific metadata ( for example,
<itunesID> ) should stay within iTunes only.


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This is a stylesheet to convert iTunes XML to the RDF version of 

It is useful for getting a real world example of what the thing we are 
talking about looks like.  When you get down into the mud with real 
code and real data things look different, and I noticed a bunch of 
small issues that need fixing.

For example, I had to throw out a lot of metadata that iTunes has but 
MusicBrainz doesn't support, which is a loss.  To fix that I'm thinking 
of (1) inventing a new namespace for iTunes metadata or (2) creating 
extended MB metadata field definitions.


I've been posting into a void since last week, which worries me.  
What's up?

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