[Playlist] default format in RDF

Matthias Friedrich matt at mafr.de
Tue Mar 16 17:03:42 UTC 2004

On Tuesday, 2004-03-16, Lucas Gonze wrote:
> This is a stylesheet to convert iTunes XML to the RDF version of 
> DefaultFormat:
> http://playlist.musicbrainz.org/playlist/moin.cgi/DefaultFormatInRdf

> It is useful for getting a real world example of what the thing we are 
> talking about looks like.  When you get down into the mud with real 
> code and real data things look different, and I noticed a bunch of 
> small issues that need fixing.

Yes, I noticed some little RDF bugs, both in your and my old proposal.
It's important that others also play with the format to see if it's

> For example, I had to throw out a lot of metadata that iTunes has but 
> MusicBrainz doesn't support, which is a loss.  To fix that I'm thinking 
> of (1) inventing a new namespace for iTunes metadata or (2) creating 
> extended MB metadata field definitions.

I'd suggest to use the MusicBrainz namespace, there's no point in
duplicating things. But first we need a list of metadata that we want to
support. See

You're all invited to add stuff, but please don't delete anything
without discussion on this list. Thanks!


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