[Playlist] metadata

Lucas Gonze lgonze at panix.com
Sun Mar 21 18:04:40 UTC 2004

At http://playlist.musicbrainz.org/playlist/moin.cgi/SupportedMetadata, 
Dave Brown suggested using dc:format to store the mime type, and 
supported the idea of storing derived info like bit rate.  I agree with 
both of these.

I am going to add dc:format to the example metadata; anybody who has a 
problem with that should speak up.

However, this derived metadata stuff is obviously only relevant to a 
specific instance of a song, so it rules out fuzzy identifiers.  We 
should figure out how to draw a line between metadata that's relevant 
to finding a song and metadata about a specific instance, so that 
somebody can re-derive the instance-specific stuff without breaking the 

I keep coming back to the idea of a catalog vs a playlist.  A catalog 
doesn't say which songs to play, it says which songs you have.

- Lucas

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