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Brown, Dave dabrown at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Mar 23 05:51:50 UTC 2004

I'm hoping we don't need anything in dc:creator right now. Web urls for the
creater can be specified with the rdf:about attribute. What more do you need
about them? I would think the URL would be enough to direct someone to any
further info about the creator.

IMHO, the playlist should only be givnig us info about the media it
contains, not extra tidbits about the author's personal interests, job, or

What do you think?

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> On Monday, Mar 22, 2004, at 12:33 America/New_York, Brown, Dave wrote:
>> - Do we really want this foaf: stuff?

I'm sold.  We don't.

What do you think of adopting these (edited) Atom definitions in 

> A dc:creator construct is an element with the following children:

> "name" Element
> The "name" element's content conveys a human-readable name for the
> author. It MAY be the name of a corporation or other entity no 
> individual authors can be named. Person constructs MUST contain 
> exactly one "name" element, whose content MUST be a string.

> "url" Element
> The "url" element's content conveys a URI associated with the author.
> Person constructs MAY contain an atom:url element, but MUST NOT 
> contain more than one. The content of url in a Person construct MUST 
> be a URI [RFC2396].
> The "email" element's content conveys an e-mail address associated
> with the Person construct. Person constructs MAY contain an email 
> element, but MUST NOT contain more than one. Its content MUST be an 
> e-mail address [RFC2822].

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