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Robert Kaye rob at eorbit.net
Wed Mar 24 22:54:03 UTC 2004

On Monday, March 22, 2004, at 08:46  AM, Lucas Gonze wrote:

> On Sunday, Mar 21, 2004, at 21:47 America/New_York, Kevin Marks wrote:
>> I don't mean to sound argumentative, but what is wrong with plain  
>> <li>  </li> ?
>> The _n syntax looks fragile to me.
> Agreed.
> Dan posted a new version using the new rdf:parseType="Collection"  
> syntax instead of Seq/li elements.  Much cleaner, much less verbose.   
> Check it out at:

The triples for that format suck ass. If you had a list of 100 items  
you'd need to wade through 200  
http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#first /  
http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#rest triples. No random  
access is possible. Ick.

Dan: Are all RDF parsers supposed to support that? Or is this format  
something we need to wait for RDF parsers to implement? If this is  
cutting edge stuff, I'd vote against it.

> http://playlist.musicbrainz.org/playlist/moin.cgi/ 
> DefaultFormatInRdfVersionTwoB

I've been looking at this and looks pretty good. Lucas made some  
comments about not seeing how an mm:Album would fit there and I am  
trying to work up a good example to show how it could fit in. However  
the online RDF validator at w3.org sucks ass in its error reporting so,  
I have no idea what is wrong.

All I know is the document above does not validate cleanly -- I've  
fixed a few things, but it still has a way to go.

What validators do you guys use to make sense of the RDF?

In any case, I am trying to flesh out the DefaultFormat RDF with good  
mm examples so that we can start expressing the various metadata needs  
as part of the RDF example.

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