[Playlist] time offsets and annodex

Ryan Shaw ryanshaw at sims.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 1 01:50:22 UTC 2004

Lucas Gonze wrote:

> Just free-associating about the problem, requiring joe average mp3 
> player to handle clipping seems completely outside of the XSPF 
> architecture. The most likely place for this is in an external module
> like the content resolver.

That's what I was thinking too. The content resolver in this case could
be a proxy cache (or search engine) doing server-side clipping, or a
sophisticated client doing client-side clipping. As you pointed out, the
Annodex URI proposal supports both.

> I have a drawback: clients MUST NOT render a resource if the URL has
> a fragment identifier and the client doesn't support fragments a la 
> annodex. The reasoning is that the object within the clipping range 
> and as a whole are different things, so rendering the whole without 
> consideration to the clipping range would mangle the meaning of the 
> URI.

Makes sense.

> So, to make this work, we'd have to make the few people who've 
> shipped XSPF clients make a change, albeit small: they'd have to
> check for a fragment ID and skip the resource if they find one.

Seems like a fairly small price to pay.

If there were clipping proxy services available, all a client would have 
to do to "support" fragments would be to translate a URI fragment to a 
URI query and route it through a proxy.


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